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Want to push your boundaries and reach your full potential?
UPsports helps you find the right posture to achieve the best results.
Aided by running and gait analysis as well as black-box screenings, our specialists determine what solution will enable you to make the biggest leaps forward.

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Improve your posture

Proper alignment starts with solving pelvic imbalance.
Geert Hendrickx, certified osteopath
When your soles provide dynamic support, you immediately feel the difference!
Wim Vereecken, duathlete
A multidisciplinary approach to correct posture is of the essence.
Jochen Decoene, physical therapist


Supporting the entire body, our dynamic and active soles correct your posture. They guarantee a perfect fit and ensure biomechanical alignment, support, and stress relief. The high-quality materials are not only adapted to your feet, but also to your sport and personal preferences, your demands and possible complaints.


UPsports specializes in sensorimotor-enhancing suits with a perfect fit. Thanks to the unique combination of premium materials and a patented concept, our UPsuits send impulses throughout your body, providing muscle support and improving thermoregulation and blood circulation. The suits aid muscle recovery, delay muscle acidification, increase stability and lengthen the body. They are a medical device that helps you deliver peak performances while also preventing injuries.


While our UPsuit covers your entire body, the UPshorts focus on the pelvis, lower back and lower limbs. This medical device supports your muscles and joints, regulates blood circulation and corrects your posture. More stability for less energy waste!


UPlab: a scan of your body

The UPlab forms a complete picture of your sports situation, enabling us to attain your ideal sensomotoric sports alignment.

Following an intake meeting and a focused biomechanical analysis, our team sets to work with, among other tools, highspeed cameras, a professional medical treadmill and several biomechanical software programs. In addition to indoor screenings, they may turn to black-box screenings and outdoor screenings as well. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach every step of the way, we ultimately offer you a made-to-measure solution, which you can use both preventatively and remedially.

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Do you feel as if you’ve reached your peak, but have no intention of settling for anything less than the next level? That’s the spirit! Making progress starts with a personal appointment. To come up with a product that perfectly meets your needs, we analyze your posture as well as the way you walk and run. Schedule your appointment now!

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About UPsports

UPsports developed out of the research unit of VIGO, a technical orthopedic company.

In 2003, we founded the gait lab, drawing on several medical disciplines. We focused on improving the gait and quality of life of neuro patients and prosthetic patients by finetuning their tools. These experiences led us to develop specialized sensorimotor-enhancing suits that improved the gait of patients who suffer from more severe impairments.

As we collaborated with sports authorities and their professional athletes, we were asked to develop patented, performance-enhancing suits that would provide medical support for men and women competing in soccer, sailing, tennis, hockey, gymnastics and running, among other disciplines. The idea was to improve their performance and prevent or treat injuries.

Today, we want to put our extensive expertise and sports medical knowledge at the service of all athletes who can benefit from sensomotoric sports alignment – whether you run for fun, like to go for long walks or play soccer semiprofessionally. You’re always welcome at UPsports.


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